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UK, USA and UN attack Syria | Are we ready for ANOTHER War?

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UK, USA and UN to attack Syria | Do you think we should intervene? So it looks like we are once gain gearing up for a war over shore. This time just in Syria after President Bashar al-Assad has been accused of useing Chemical Weapons and Chemical Weapon attacks against his own people. This week as seem a building of tensions within the collected nations looking to take further action.

The United States (USA) have stated that chemical weapon attacks can only have been from Bashar al-Assad’s government and troops and that it is a crime against international law and we need to tak action as the “red line” has been crossed. In the UN Security Council other country’s have started to pledge support and the UK Government Coalition have recalled Parliament to debate the require resolution to start direct action that must be “legal, direct and proportionate” ad all “future action must be refereed to the house” for debate.

So what do you think of the Syria situation? Should we intervene to stop chemical weapon attacks? Should we intervene to remove President Bashar al-Assad? Is a Syrian intervention out only option? Is this yet another war we don’t need to be dealing with?

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