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WhatsApp, SnapChat and iMessage to be BANNED in the UK

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WhatsApp, Snapchat and iMessage could be banned under new laws

You should make full use of WhatsApp, Snapchat and iMessage because you may not have them for much longer.

The popular apps could be banned under new laws as they use encrypted messages.

The government sees this as a potential security concern and home secretary Theresa May hopes to ban the types of messages with the controversial ‘snooper’s charter’, aka the Draft Communications Data Bill.

What is the Snoopers’ Charter?

  1. It’s actually called the Communications Data Bill.
  2. Under the proposed law companies that provide internet services would have to document the online activity of customers.
  3. They would have to keep these logs for 12 months.
  4. The bill was blocked by the Liberal Democrats in 2013.
  5. It could be law by 2016.
  6. She is planning to bring forward a new version of the bill – blocked by the Liberal Democrats in the last administration – in the autumn.

And because the Conservatives now have a majority it is likely to go through, with the new law being put in place next year.

There is always hope, with WhatsApp, Snapchat and iMessage likely to stay if they meet the new restrictions.

But this means that the government will probably be able to see that rather unfortunate Snapchat you sent your ex if they want to.

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Huge Security Flaws In Official Facebook Chat Messenger App

Facebook Messenger could be recording you with your own camera, taking photos and sending texts without your permission

Facebook has become such a familiar household name that when many of us were forced into downloading the messenger app onto our phones, we didn’t think to check out the terms and conditions.‘It’s Facebook,’ we might have thought. ‘If they were going to do anything weird and out there the media would have reported it straight away.’

Except we didn’t… well, not until a billion people had already downloaded the social media app.

One savvy Facebook user, Sam Fiorella, decided he would delve into the T&Cs, and what he found is pretty damn terrifying.

facebook messenger t&c's credit: facebook
Just some of the terms and conditions for the new Facebook app (Picture: HuffingtonPost/Facebook)

Apparently, Facebook can take photos, send texts and even record calls, all without your permission. Meaning you’ll have no control over what it’s doing behind the scenes whatsoever.

Even weirder, and perhaps even more unsettling, is that they can read personal data on your phone about both yourself and your contacts, and then pass the info on.

Bit scary, huh?

It’s worth noting that many apps contain Ts&Cs like these, but rarely, if ever, have a need to use them.

Still, Sam shared a list of the worst offending Ts&Cs and, while there is the ability to fiddle around yourself to some extent with the security settings, it’s still slightly sinister.

WARNING – The Facebook Colour Changer App Is A Virus!

A Facebook app that offers users the ability to change the colour of their profile page and header is actually malicious software that hacks into your account and computer.

The ‘Facebook colour changer’ scam tricks users into thinking they will be able to change the classic blue colour of Facebook to one of nine other colours, which include pink, green, orange, and black.

However Chinese internet security firm Cheeta Mobile found that the app in fact downloads malicious software, compromising users’ accounts and computers.

Citing a ‘vulnerability’ in Facebook’s app page, the security company explained that cybercriminals can easily offer viruses and malware in the form of applications – which users are all too quick to click on.

Those who fall for the scam will be giving hackers access to their friend list, photos and messages (Picture: Facebook)

‘Once clicked, it leads users to a phishing website,’ Cheeta Mobile explained on their blog.

‘This issue seems to be happening due to a vulnerability that lives in Facebook’s app page itself, allowing hackers to implant viruses and malicious code into Facebook-based applications directing users to phishing sites.’

The colour changer app works by offering users a tutorial video that, if clicked, will allow them access to all their Facebook data including photos, friend lists and personal messages.

A message will also appear telling users they have a virus, followed by a another alert that appears to be from the user’s computer, offering to install anti-virus software urgently to quarantine the malicious software.