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Best World Record Ever? | Belgium’s Got Talent World Record Attempt

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Is catching grapes in your mouth the silliest world record ever? – Best World Record Ever? | Belgium’s Got Talent World Record Attempt

Catching grapes in your mouth at record speed doesn’t sound like a significant feat but for one man suffering from a heart problem it represented his greatest ever victory.

Joris Goens (George)  brought legitimacy to the pastime of throwing food in the air and then trapping it in your mouth when he broke the world record for catching the most grapes in three minutes.

The 53-year-old, who is recovering from six heart bypass surgeries, managed to snare 223 grapes in the allotted time while appearing on Belgium’s Got Talent.

The previous Guinness World Record holder Ashrita Furman could only manage 213, but we’re not sure if that was because he was slower or had a smaller mouth.


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World’s largest gingerbread house can accommodate a family of five

A group of volunteers in Texas have constructed the world’s largest gingerbread house – big enough to accommodate a family of five.

The 22-foot house set a Guinness World Record in the town of Bryan on Saturday, with the help of thousands of pounds of sugar and flour, almost a ton of butter and 7,200 eggs.

The tasty house also features 22,304 pieces of hard candy and packs in a total of 36million calories.

World's largest gingerbread house sets record
The world’s largest gingerbread house in Texas (Picture: Traditions Club/Facebook)

Members of the A&M Texas Traditions Club built the house to raise funds for the trauma programme at nearby St Joseph Hospital.

Bill Horton, general manager of the Traditions Club, told CNN: ‘I think what impresses me most is the community spirit around the record attempt.

‘People came together for this remarkable cause and really worked hard at it.’

The house is big enough to accommodate a family of five and packs 36 million calories. (Pictures: Tradition's Club)
The house is big enough to accommodate a family of five and packs 36m calories (Pictures: Traditions Club/Facebook)

In its first week of opening, the tourist attraction raised $150,000 and it receives around 600 visitors a day.

The gingerbread house is open to the public until December 14.