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Sexual Fetishes 10 Extremely Weird Sexual Fantasies

Extreme Fetishes, Weird Fetishes and Bizarre Hardcore Sexual Fetishes are always funny and crazy. More extreme hardcore than bondage and 50 Shades Of Grey.

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#1 – Eproctophilia – Fart Fetish
You spend an abnormal amount of time fantasising about flatulence, whether it’s farting in your partner’s face or being the receiver of their pongy bum odours

#2 – Mechanophilia – Car Fetish or Machine Fetish
Sexually attracted to machines such as cars, bikes, aeroplanes and helicopters in the same way we are attracted to others within the human race. A car’s exhaust pipe is seen as fair game to these freaks.

#3 – Klismaphilia – Enema Fetish
These fruitcakes get their sexual kicks from using enemas to introduce liquid into the rectum and large intestine by the only means possible: the bumhole! 

#4 – Bestiality – Animal Fetish or Animal Sex
The desire to form sexual relationships with animals

#5 – Hierophilia – God fetish or religious iconography
The cross doesn’t bring about feelings of love and purity, but intense sexual arousal and a wholly inappropriate stirring in their pants.

#6 – Emetophilia – Sick Fetish, Vomit Fetish
The sick, sick buggers that have a fetish for sick

#7 – Acrotomophilia – Amputee Fetish
The sexual attraction to someone missing a limb.

#8 – Coprophilia – Poo fetish
2 girls 1 cup video makes you horny?

#9 – Necrophilia – Death fetish
Sex with dead things.

#10 – Vorarephilia – Cannibalism Fetish
The urge to eat people or things or be eaten alive.

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