Penis Lipstick Instagram Invasion

Lipstick Penises and Penis shaped lip sticks seem to be invading Instagram. The Instagram penis lipstick invasion has seen a new cute lipstick penis trend. Pinterest and Instagram blogger have been taking a lot of lipstick penis pictures lately. Lipstick penis, penis lipstick, lipstick penises, penis shaped lipsticks, dick lipsticks!!

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Lipsticks shaped like penises are a thing and we don’t know how to feel

AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ALL BEAUTY AND PENIS ENTHUSIASTS: Lipsticks shaped liked penises exist in the world.

Yep. Here’s the beauty product you’ve been waiting for all your life. They’ve actually been around for a few years now, but they’re suddenly popping up on Instagram all over again.

I mean. There’s really not much to say other than this: these are lipsticks shaped like penises. They have tiny veins etched along the side. They come in plenty of colours that would not be healthy for an actual penis to be. Some of them have a touch of shimmer.

The lipsticks are mostly sold as cute little hen do gifts, because everyone loves to celebrate the joy of matrimony by smearing a dick on their lips.

But hey. Even if you’re not getting hitched, perhaps you’ll still enjoy the glory of having a bunch of teeny-tiny penis lipsticks in your makeup bag.

You can buy them through Etsy. To be fair, they’re actually really reasonably priced and come in fairly wearable shades.

And we think the penis tip would actually give pretty decent application.

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