Toby Turner – April Efff Skywalker Rape Allegations rock YouTube

Toby Turner aka Tobuscus has been accused of Drug Abuse, Sexual Assault, Mental Abuse, Drugging and Raping by April Skywalker (April Efff). DramaAlert reports on the April Efff Rape, April Skywalker Raped, Toby Turner Rape, Tobuscus Rape allegations. Full audio of April Eff Skywalkers tumblr post. Sexual Assault by Toby Turner Tobuscus. Toby Turner April Efff rape, Tobuscus April Skywalker Rape. Increasing the trend of YouTube Sexual Assault claims and YouTube rape culture. 

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On April 8th 2016, YouTuber AprilEfff/April Skywalker, released a Tumblr post claiming that Toby Turner had abused, raped and even drugged her during their relationship in 2013. The story was later narrated for Dan Keem’s news show, Drama Alert where it started to receive huge attention from the YouTube community. It’s difficult to confirm that AprilEfff, who’s real name is April Fletcher, was actually dating Toby however her early Instagram posts proves that she was in fact close to him. This is happening roughly a year after the Sam Pepper allegations. So did Tobuscus rape and drug his ex-girlfriend?

One user commented on her Instagram post dated March 12th 2012 asking how she knew Toby and her response was “we’re good friends” which aligns with her story that their relationship was kept quiet. April Skywalker can also be seen alongside Shane Dawson, Jason Horton, Michael Gallagher, Tay Zonday, DeStorm, Philip DeFranco, Jack Douglass, xJawz and iJustine.

Toby met April at E3 in 2011 where she appeared in his video titled “HOT E3 2011 RECAP (with Tobuscus)”. Toby circled her repeating his well-known line ‘hothothothothothot’ (pronounced hawt-atatatatat) and then breaking the ice by saying “It’s okay, I’m really funny, so it’s okay”.

A day before the Tumblr post was published April sent out a tweet stating that she had just seen her “abusive ex’s toy in Toys R Us being marketed to kids” which she later stated in the post caused her a panic attack. Another user named Jerry tweeted her asking her to reveal which toy it was so that he wouldn’t ever “buy them for [his] son” but she denied his request explaining that “if I didn’t live in fear of retaliation every day, I would openly answer this.”.

April says in her post that she is “NOT the only one who has experienced the abuse from him”. She also reveals that Toby would act like “a god” to where he thought “he was immune to all rules”. They soon got into an argument over the subject of abortion after he said “some girl was aborting his baby”. She states that he punched a crack in the wall but later covered it with a calendar before calling her a “faggot” (a term he would often use) and stating that he hated her blonde hair (which she later dyed brown). She then goes on to state that he forcibly had sex with her as she cried for him to stop. She goes on to tell the story of how Toby slipped MDMA into her alcohol (a deadly combination of substances) before apologizing in tears for what he had done. She doesn’t remember anything after that.

April states that in 2014 Toby explained that he would be performing “The Depressing Song” (a song she says they wrote together) at the convention known as ‘Playlist LIVE’ (She also claims to have helped create ‘Get Bloody’ and the ‘Hunger Games Literal Trailer’ on her channel). Toby told her that he would not be able to get her tickets which angered her since it was their song they played together. She managed to purchase her own tickets to watch Toby perform but later that night almost committed suicide after being betrayed by Toby. She then decided to finally leave Toby. Toby continued to spam her with text messages after that. She ends her post by saying “He is a sick sick man.”


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