Poop Museum Opening In The UK | Isle Of Wight Poo Museum

Isle of White Poo Museum is a thing! Poo Museum UK is exactly what is sounds like a Museum of Poo. This Poo Museum Isle Of Wight opens on Good Friday and Poo Museum Sandow Zoo. Shit museum? Or just museum poo?

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There’s a national poo museum opening in Britain to celebrate the ‘wonders of excrement’

Britain’s getting its very own alternative museum – and it’s going to be entirely devoted to poo.

We’re not kidding.

The museum is coming to the Isle of Wight and will be based at the Sandown zoo.

It’s set to open on Good Friday and hopes to make people appreciate the ‘wonders of excrement’.
And just in case you thought this was some early April Fool’s Day prank, a spokeswoman confirmed it all.

‘It’s stinky, unpleasant and sometimes dangerous stuff — but it’s all around us and inside us too — and perhaps surprisingly our planet would be a much poorer place without it!’ she said.

She added that it’s set to be ‘the place to immerse oneself in the wonder of excrement while finding out lots of extraordinary nuggets of information about all things poo-y. Kids will love it!’

The project has been developed by Isle of Wight landscapers and artists Ecclestone George, who have previously created some of the big cat enclosures at the zoo.
So what can you expect at this Poo-seum?

Visitors will see everything from a 38 million-year-old faecal specimen to other such relics such as freeze-dried excrement from various different species like meerkats, foxes, cows, owls, and even human babies.

There’ll also be freeze-dried displays of poop hung from the ceiling, so watch your heads guys.

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