11 Very Common Sexual Fetishes

Common Sexual Fetishes, Normal Sexual Fetishes. Some peoples sexual fantasy are extreme fetishes some more common. foot fetish, underwear fetish, bdsm sadism masochism sadomasochism, navel fetish. 

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1. ANILILAGNIA – OAP Fetish, Old People Fetish

This one looks like it would be weird right? This is actually one of the most common fetishes out there. What Anililagnia means is actually an attraction for older women. 

2. VOYEURISM – Dogginh, Watching Fetish

Personally, I think that everyone has this common fetish, but they just don’t want to admit it. Voyeurism is basically all revolving around a person getting aroused from looking at naked bodies or other people having sex.


Whether it is whipping, candle wax or harsh biting, sadism is all about pain and inflicting pain on one another for sexual pleasure.

4. NAVEL FETISHISM – Buly Button Fetish

While a belly button might not be something that I’m into, but navel fetishism is something that is widely spread. Basically, with this fetish, it’s all about sexual arousal from the navel. 

5. PICTOPHILIA – Picture Porn Fetish

Pictophilia is one of the few fetishes that might help you understand your #boyfriend a little better. Men are very visual creatures and this could better explain why.This common fetish is all about having a fascination with pornographic pictures. This actually can be alone or with their partner. So if your guy looks at porn, this could be one of the fetishes that he has!

6. PYGOPHILIA – bum fetish

Are you obsessed with butts? Does the buttox really appeal to you sexually? That’s what Pygophilia is all about! 

7. STIGMATOPHILIA – Tattoo Fetish

This fetish is actually one of mine (yes, I will admit it!) and it’s all about tattoos and piercings.

8. RETIFISM – High heel shoe fetish

Retifism, or shoe fetishism is quite a common sexual fetish in men that has been portrayed in movies and TV. Remember that SATC episode where Charlotte got free shoes just for trying some on for the salesman? 

9. PODOPHILIA – Foot Fetish

Podophilia, which is also referred to as foot fetishism or foot worship might seem similar to a shoe fetish, but it’s not. While both sexual fetishes are more common in men, podophilia is a marked sexual interest in feet and areas of interest vary from foot treatments, appearance of toes and feet to odor and tactile interaction such as licking or smelling feet.

10. TRICHOPHILIA – Hair Fetish

Trichophilia is a sexual fetish where a person is aroused by hair, typically hair on the head but can include chest hair or other #hair on the body. 


Having an underwear fetish isn’t referring to owning tons of underwear and lingerie which I’m certainly guilty of! This sexual fetish focuses on observing or handling underwear like panties, pantyhose, bras and certain fabrics.

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