Student In WikiFeet Foot Fetish Website Surprise

Student Alice Cachia wikifeet foot fetish website surprise as she googles herself. Webbed toe feet fetish database website wikifeet reaction pictures has Alice Cachia’s toes in its website list. 

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Student Googles herself, finds her feet on fetish website

A student who Googled herself was left in complete shock when she discovered pictures of her feet on a fetish website.

Alice Cachia, 21, from Kent, was searching for articles written by her online for a job application when she stumbled across the website ‘wikiFeet’, which claims to be the largest database of celebrity feet.

The curious English literature student clicked on the site only to discover that some creepy person had uploaded pictures of her toes.

To make it even worse, Alice was disappointed to see that fetishists had given her feet only 2.5 stars out of five.

The University of East Anglia student told The Tab: ‘I was scrawling through Google and I saw my name under this wikiFeet website.

‘It’s an entry on Wikipedia dedicated to my feet and my toes and people had rated them. I was only given 2.5 stars, which I was not happy about.’

Alice thinks the unknown person lifted images of her feet from a Tab article she had written based on her experiences of living with two webbed toes.

She said: ‘I am feeling freaked out, I didn’t know whether to be proud that my toes had their own web page, but actually it’s just really weird.’

Though she did add that when she dies, she feels like she’s ‘going to be remembered for my webbed toes.’

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