Justin Bieber Clone-A-Willy Sex Toy

Justin Bieber Bora Bora Dick Pics went viral and now Clone-a-willy want to make Justin Bieber naked Bora Bora Dick into a Justin Bieber Sex Toy. In light of his recent Justin Bieber Threesome News, it looks like he’s not Sorry and has a clear Purpose in life.

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Justin Bieber penis sex toy to hit the shelves? Company offer $1million for mould of star’s manhood 

The Biebs was the talk of the internet when pictures of him holidaying naked in Bora Bora were leaked online

He became the talk of the internet when pictures of his penis were leaked online.

And now fans of Justin Bieber could soon be able to get their *ahem* hands on an intimate piece of the star.

Clone-A-Willy is reportedly offering a very hefty price to take a mould of Justin’s package – said to be in the region of $1million – and then turn it into a sex toy .

Heat magazine got their hands on a supposed ‘leaked letter’ from the DIY dildo company, which read: “Justin Bieber, he’s popular, talented and now as the entire world knows … quite well-endowed.

“You can only imagine … a huge billboard of Justin Bieber and Clone-A-Willy in West Hollywood.”

The Biebs must get some pretty wacky requests – but taking a mould of his manhood must be up there with the best of them.

The letter continued: “It would surely do wonders to help promote his new album and certainly wouldn’t hurt his dating life.”


There’s no word back yet on whether Justin has agreed to become the ‘face’ of their new plastic peen.

The 21-year-old’s naked figure was splashed ALL OVER THE INTERNET earlier this month when pictures emerged of him skinny dipping in Bora Bora.

After getting over the shock of seeing his member everywhere the Biebs addressed the leak, saying: “That was shrinkage for me!”

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