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What We Leave Behind || Michael Jackson, Jade Goody & Kurt Cobain

How do you want to be remembered?
What do you want to leave behind?

Kurt Cobain’s credit card was put up for sale this week and it got me thinking about what we as humans leave behind to the people left without us.

Kurt Cobain is remembered for being the mouth piece of a grunge music counter culture revolution in the early 90’s and for being part of the 27 club.

But what would he be known for now if he had lived?

Jade Goodie was a reality tv show star who in life said many bad things whilst in the public eye and was at one point vilified for racist and close minded abuse toward Shilpa Shetty.

Yet when she died of cancer she was held up as an example of how to be strong for your family in the face of a deadly decease…

and Michael Jackson…. A polarising and very talented individual that had such a roller-coaster in the public eye. From sweet child, to world mega star influencing untold thousands of musical talents across the world…

But also had moments where he was driven into debt by allegations of child abuse that still stick in many fans heads to this day… while some see it as a witch hunt by the media to destroy a harmless childlike star who simply wanted to relive his childhood…

It is time and people that will write our  eulogy and remember us when we leave this world, all we can do is try and give them enough good things to remember us by.

I personally….

I would love to have children and be remembered by being a good father. Give them a chance to be whatever they want.

But on a grander scale I would love to touch all my friends and family in a way that I would be hard to forget.

And given the chance maybe the same with the world.

So I ask again

How do you want to be remembered?
What do you want to leave behind?

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