New Playstation PS4 Slim Design Pictures Leaked || PS4 vs XboxOne

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Playstation PS4 Slim Pictures Leaked || Sony Playstation 4 vs Microsoft XboxOne – PS4 vs XBOXOne

A possibly leaked pic featuring a light redesign of the Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) may point to a future Playstation 4 PS4 slim model of the system.

The rumoured leak of the PS4 Slim redesign first appeared on the Italian website, showcasing different angles of the redesigned PlayStation 4 (PS4) console.

Sony’s history of redesigning their consoles with a slimmer look left many wondering when a PS4 slim (PlayStation 4 Slim) would release, and more so, what would it look like? After all, unlike its predecessors, which all launched with somewhat bulky designs, the PS4 came from the get-go with a comparably slimmer appearance. If these rumoured leaks are true, the answer apparently is to reposition the Blue Ray drive and buttons away from the slanted front of the new style PS4.

The device would keep its parallelogram design while delegating the disc drive to the side(?) of the console, or top depending on how you would stand it. The Sony and Playstation 4 (PS4) logo’s stay on the front of the console, though we suppose that would become the side if the user preferred the blue ray drive face the front. Additionally, the power and eject buttons are, well, actual buttons, and a little thicker and more apparent than before.

A close up shot of the rumoured redesign shows just how much of the console has been chopped off length wise. With a PS4 controller standing in front, we can see the rumoured Slim PS4 would be roughly twice the height of a controller. The Dualshock for is just under 4in tall, meaning this rumoured retake on the Playstation 4 would be roughly 8 in tall (the standard Playstation 4 sits at 11 in tall when stood on its side in comparison.)

If Sony were planing to unveil a PS4 this coming E3, and later release the device at holiday 2015, it would be the earliest in a consoles lifespan the company released a slim model, at an unprecedented two years. However, it would follow a pattern of earlier and earlier releases for their slim redesigns (Playstation 1 Slim released five years after its original launch, Playstation 2 Slim released four years after the original launch, Playstation 3 Slim released three years after its original launch. So if the device launched Holiday 2015, it would be a natural succession.


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