Stop Dressing Up Your Pets and Get A Real Dog!!! | Pet Cosplay

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Stop Dressing Up Your Pets and Get A Real Dog!!!

I dont understand why people do it but a lot of weirdos dress up their cats, dogs, rabbits and pretty much any pet as fair game. Why dress up your dog? Why dress up your cats? I think there is something seriously wrong that dresses up their pets.

The internet is awash with dogs dressed up as super heros, or food or random things but the poor moggy isn’t safe either!! Many people dress up their cats and kittens to the same degree of loonacy! WHY?!

Time to stop this pet dressing madness!! Stop Dressing Up Your Pets!


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  • I agree! And, thank you for signing up to follow my blog! I hope that you will enjoy my posts! ^..^ B

  • AnElephantCant agree more
    It’s as daft as a giraffe up on stilts
    As dumb as it gets
    So don’t dress up your pets
    Unless they are Scots like AnElephant and then they wear kilts

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