Man torn between motorbike and wife puts both up for sale on Craigslist

For sale: Man puts motorbike AND wife on Craigslist
The controversial Craigslist user has invited bids for both his wife and his Harley Davidson motorcycle (Picture: Craiglist)

When your wife demands that you choose between her and a Harley Davidson motorcycle, many of us would just sell the bike and settle down.

But one man had a different idea. He decided to post a Craigslist advert, inviting punters to make offers on either his wife or his beloved motorcycle.

Known only as Bob, he even provides a blow-by-blow comparison between the two.

The businessman boasts his Sportster 2006 XL1200L is in excellent condition. Meanwhile, he claims his wife is a ’1959 model’ who is in pretty good nick, ‘considering’.

He shows pictures of the spotless bike and describes it as ‘well maintained’. Standing next to it is his loved one, who is described as ‘high maintenance’ as she smiles to the camera in an opulent coat.

He described the Sportster 2006 XL1200L as 'well maintained', while his wife, wearing an expensive coat, was labelled 'high maintenance' (Picture: Craigslist)
He described the Sportster 2006 XL1200L as ‘well maintained’, while his wife, wearing an expensive coat, was labelled ‘high maintenance’ (Picture: Craigslist)

And although the Sportster is great for beginners or seasoned riders, he warns that his wife is ‘the expert’s only model’.

He has an asking price of $5,900, but insists he’s open-minded about trades and offers a little lower than his target. Pick-up and delivery service is also available for lucky bidders in the state of Virginia.

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