XBoxOne E100 Error | XBox One Update Error | PS4 Blue Light Of Doom Fix | RRoD

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XBoxOne E100 Error | XBox One Update Error | PS4 Blue Light Of Doom Fix | RRoD

Last week, prior to the PS4 release, the larger gaming media pounced on every report of a PS4 problem like rabid animals. This week, with the Xbox One coming out tomorrow, reports of issues with the system are generally being ignored. But with the system technically already launched in parts of Europe, we’re starting to see issues pop up along with video proof.

Early reports of PS4 not working have surfaced, with the main issue appearing to be related to the PS4 OS, bricking PS4 consoles.

The issue appears to be that despite the blue pulse appearing when the console is switched on, the PS4 won’t load.

he PS4 hasn’t gone on sale yet, so these are isolated incidents restricted to the few PS4s that have gone out pre-release to media and competition winners.

Incredibly, despite these issues being discovered ahead of the PS4’s release and Sony refusing support (as the console isn’t official on sale yet), a fix has already been discovered by Reddit.

To fix a bricked PS4, you have to take the following steps:

Unplug your HDD
Boot the console without the HDD – it will load Safe Mode and ask for a HDD
Switch off, plug in the HDD and boot the console
PS4 will load into safe mode and you can recover the necessary OS data

We won’t know until launch how widespread these issues are, nor how effective this fix will be in zapping all those problems, but it’s still worrying that reports of PS4’s bricking have reared their head so close to the official US console launch this Friday.

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