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Why I Hate Students

Students can be wonderful creatures that live in the woods, feed their young, and build nests in trees… oh, wait that’s birds…

Students… smelly, messy, soul sucking, cheating, lying, whores, sluts and “studs” that like to fuck around with everyone’s lives, while spending money they never earned, trashing houses they never care about and generally living “solo” without parents on a 2-3 year failure through what they think is the university of hard knocks only for them to figure out their degree means fuck all and they should go kill themselves under a mountain of debt.

Do I sound slightly jaded and bias? That’s probably because I’ve had enough of this parasites in my life. Ex gfs, “friends” and generally people of student age that hasn’t figured out that they aren’t centre of the world and they think they can just continue to leach from society without giving the minutest of value back.

Anyway…. rant over lol


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