YouTubers – Who is your favourites? #RAYWJ #ERB #SXEPHIL #PEWDIEPIE #SHAYTARDS

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I have been on youtube almost 3 months but I have been a viewer for YEARS. There is a huge list of good YouTubers, Jenna Marbles (JennaMarbles), Philip Defranco (sxePhil & SourceFed), Epic Rap Battles of History, Ray William Johnson, Pewdiepie, ShayCarl (ShayTards), DanIsNotOnFire, Alfie (PointlessBlog), Boxxie and this list is endless. Here are some of my favourite YouTubers.

Philip DeFranco or “sxephil” is an American video blogger and YouTube celebrity. He is most notable for The Philip DeFranco Show, usually abbreviated PDS, a news show where DeFranco presents a news article, and then gives his opinion about it. His videos are centered on current events, sex, politics and celebrity gossip in which he gives his opinion, usually presented in an ironic manner and with frequent jump cuts to create a fast-paced feel. He has over 1 billion views, and over 2.5 million subscribers, and is the 79th most subscribed YouTuber as of July 2, 2013. DeFranco started his YouTube channel in 2006. His large audience led to his winning of a Spore Creature Creator contest and Wired’s Sexiest Geek of 2008 award, both open access online polls. DeFranco also created two other YouTube channels: PhilipDeFranco, a personal vlog-style channel and SourceFed, an original and Google funded YouTube channel. SourceFed spawned a spinoff channel, SourceFedNERD, as well. He sold all his channels to Revision3 in 2013.

As of July 24, 2013, his sxephil channel has earned 2.703 million subscribers and 1.12 billion video views, his PhilipDeFranco channel has earned 729,360 subscribers and 101 million views, and SourceFed has earned 1 million subscribers and 390 million video views –

Shay Carl has five YouTube channels, two of which (“shaycarl” and “SHAYTARDS”) have over one million subscribers. Butler and ApprenticeA are currently developing a documentary called “Vlogumentary” on a $200,000+ budget that was funded with an Indiegogo campaign and raised by mostly his viewers. Forbes called Butler one of the “most successful video entrepreneurs on YouTube” and in 2011 The New York Times featured Butler’s production company Maker Studios.

Butler frequently hosts and spices up events, such as the pre-show of the American Music Awards of 2012, and the largest bowl of pasta event at Buca di Beppo. –

Epic Rap Battles of History, officially shortened to ERB or ERBoH, is a YouTube video series created by Peter Shukoff (aka Nice Peter) and Lloyd Ahlquist (aka EpicLLOYD). The series pits famous historical and pop culture figures, either fictional or otherwise, against one another in a rap battle format.

Although early episodes of the series featured only Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD, later episodes have regularly featured guest appearances from other internet celebrities such as Lisa Donovan, Timothy DeLaGhetto, George Watsky, DeStorm Power, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Rhett and Link, Mike Diva, and Jenna Marbles. Rapper Snoop Dogg appeared as a special guest in the episode “Moses vs. Santa Claus”, as Moses. Epic Rap Battles of History has been housed on its own YouTube channel since December 2011.

On July 3, 2013, ERB’s “Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney” was certified as a gold single in the United States by the RIAA. –

Ray William Johnson (born August 14, 1981) is an American video blogger, producer, and actor best known for his YouTube series Equals Three, in which he provides commentary on viral videos. Many of the videos featured on Equals Three are noted to have received an additional boost of popularity. In February 2011, one industry publication noted that Johnson currently had six of the top twenty most watched videos of the month. In early September 2012, Johnson had accumulated nearly 2 billion video views. As of September 2013, the RayWilliamJohnson YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers, and over 2.4 billion video views –

Daniel “Dan” Howell (born 11 June 1991) is an English professional vlogger and radio personality. He is best known for his YouTube channel danisnotonfire, which reached 2 million subscribers on 30 July 2013. Together with Phil Lester, Howell has presented The Request Show with Dan and Phil on BBC Radio 1 since January 2013. –


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