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Top 10 Sexy Men Of Rock Music ft David Bowie’s Penis and Fat Axel Rose


As promised a top 10 sexy handsome list of male stars of rock music featuring

1. Matt Bellamy (Muse)
2. Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach)
3. Dave Grohl (Foo/Nirvana)
4. Corey Taylor
5. Pete Wentz
6. David Bowie (Penis)
7. Slash (GnR, Velvet Revolver)
8. Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge, Slash)
9. Alice Cooper
10. Till Lindemann

10 - till lindemann 9 - alice cooper 8 - Myles Kennedy Slash - Made In Stoke. On Sky Arts 6 - David Bowie Penis 6 - David Bowie 5 - Pete Wentz 4 - Corey Taylor 3 - Dave Grohl 2- Jacoby Shaddix 1 -Matt Bellamy

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The Worlds End Movie Review – Cornetto Trilogy, Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost


Did you like the film? THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN

The 3rd and final film in the Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright Cornetto Film Trilogy. The genius’s behind such amazing films as Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz the trio return to give us that final dose of magic.

Simon Pegg is Gary King the leader of his group of mates that used to live in Newton Haven. 20 years ago they went on a mammoth pub crawl dubbed the “Golden Mile” including “12 pubs, 50 pints” and 1 night of drinking. Sadly the first time they tried it hey only made it to pub 10 and ever since then Gary has felt incomplete so convinces his friends to do the pub crawl one more time…. only to find the village is full of “robots filled with blue stuff”.

Nick Frost (Andy) and others work their magic making yet another classic cult film in the making. I HIGHLY recommend this film!

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Apple hit by factory leak iPhone5 leak double-whammy as pics emerge #iPhone5c #IPhone5S

APPLE has been hit by a double-whammy of leaked information as online gossip continues to circulate about their new device.

Sources claim the release date for the new iPhone 5S will be September 18, and say it will be launched alongside a plastic low-cost model called the iPhone 5C.

Plastic casing of new iPhone

Plastic … images from an earlier leak

And China Labor Watch – a workers’ rights group based in New York – accidentally confirmed the existence of the ‘budget iPhone’ in an article about poor working conditions in the Taiwanese factory that makes them.

Front of new iPhone

Budget … iPhone 5C

Other sources – which have also leaked pictures of the 5C’s packaging – say the handset will simply be an iPhone 5 with a different shell, and will cost £227 ($349).

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S … from previous source

Apple gossip has been flooding the web in recent weeks, because the handsets have now gone into production – meaning more potential leakers have access to them.

But so far Apple hasn’t responded to any speculation, instead preferring to stick to its tradition of revealing all at a glitzy launch event.

iPhone in packaging

Factory line … iPhone 5S

Read more:




One of Britain’s largest magazine retailers has threatened to withdraw so-called “lads’ mags” from sale in its 4,000-plus stores unless publishers put them in sealed modesty bags to obscure the sexual images on the covers. The move by the Co-operative Group follows the introduction of opaque screens on its supermarket shelves this month– a preventative step until publishers provide their own modesty bags.

Publishers of titles such as Front, Loaded, Nuts, FHM, Maxim and Zoo have been given until 9 September to deliver the magazines in pre-sealed bags designed to obscure the front cover, otherwise, the Co-op says, it will stop selling the magazines.The supermarket chain says that the move is in response to growing concern among its members, customers and colleagues about the exposure of children to the overt sexual images on such front covers which, despite the retailer’s efforts, are still sometimes visible in-store.

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#Sexploited by Channel 4 – Reality TV One Step Too Far?

— What Happens In Kavos accused of targeting bonking Brit women
— Producers offered prize to staff to find girls using morning after pill
— Told to head back to apartments at end of night to film any romps

Brits enjoy night out in Kavos

Party time … Brits – not part of Channel 4 show – on a night out in Kavos

Producers offered a prize to staff who find drunken women using the morning after pill.

A 20-strong team of filmmakers are also scouring the Corfu resort for cheating couples, gay men who can “convert” straight guys and people having one night stands.

And they’ve been told to head back to apartments at the end of wild nights to film any romps for the second series of documentary What Happens In Kavos.

In documents seen by The Sun, crews get a description of who should be filmed.

It reads: “Key stories to look out for are: Couple on holiday — jealous of the sexual attention their partner attracts, or completely like a fish out of water!

“Groups who are successful with pulling and who have sex. The end of the night at the apts (apartments).

Teens drink in Kavos

Drunken antics … but reps say producers lap it up

“Girls who take the morning after pill as a form of contraception (there’s a special prize for this story!)”

But the crews have disgusted reps on the Greek island. A Kavos worker said: “They are taking advantage of young women and the crews are hated on the island. They are now banned from 90 per cent of the bars.

“They’re watching as young people make terrible decisions — then lap it up under the guise of a documentary.”

The memo tells crews to only go in bars “welcoming and protecting us”. And it tells staff, who are there for a month, to make sure those being filmed sign an “informed and sober” consent form. But the rep, who asked not to be named, added: “It never happens. I have seen them push pens into people’s hands who are literally being sick through drink. How is that sober consent?”

Girls eat fast food in Kavos

Targets … Channel 4 have been accused of taking advantage of girls on wild hols

Channel 4 commissioned Dragonfly productions to make the three-programme series, which first hit British screens in January. Last night a Channel 4 spokeswoman said: “We strongly refute any allegation that storylines are constructed or that any contributors are exploited.

“As is made clear in the document the crew seek full and appropriate permissions from venues and contributors when filming.

“Channel 4 does not condone the deeply inappropriate references to casting in the ‘What Happens in Kavos’ production notes.

“We have recalled the team to remind them of the standards of behaviour we expect from suppliers to Channel 4.”

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Top 10 Sexy Beautiful Ladies Of Rock Music – Sexy Photos ft Amy Lee, Taylor Momsen & Hayley Williams



A collection of 10 of the sexiest, hot, wet dream inducing ladies in rock music. This vlog contain photos of Amy Lee, Simone Simons, Tarja Turumen, France Bean Cobain, Arvil Lavigne, Taylor Momsen, Hayley Williams, Fergie and Sharon den Adel. If your lucky they may flash you a little boob, under wear or a familt sexy smile.

Im going to do a men of rock video shortly so please submit suggestions below. Do you think Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl should be in this chart or is it more Jared Leto and Gerard Way?


9 - Sharon den Adel - Within TemptationImageImageImageImageImageImagenj2vjbwpImage


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I am “MetalEddy” from Philip Defranco (sxephil) Movie Club 🙂

Top 10 Tips For New YouTubers #YouTube101 #Beginners #HowTo #Dummies #GetStarted #Vloggers #Rookies & Noobs


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I offer my top 10 tips for new vloggers on you tube. You dont need to swallow the bullshit just focus on the following tips.

Top 10 Youtube Tips For Rookies, Noobs, Newbies, Beginners

1 – Trailer
2 – Profile Picture
3 – Social Media (Twitter/FB)
4 – Branding
5 – Sound / Cam
6 – Engage People Ask Questions
7 – Reply! to fans and to videos
8 – Playlists
9 – Have Fun / Ignore the trolls
10 – Stick With It

If you keep going you might make it as big as Philip Defranco, SourceFed, Ray William Johnson, What The Buck, ShayCarl, ShayTards or even George Watsky
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I am “MetalEddy” from Philip Defranco (sxephil) Movie Club 🙂

Proof That Sexy + Rock/Metal = Mega Sexy #SexyLadies #RockMusic #SexyRockers #Gallery

Ok Ok, Before this post starts I have to admit that I am bias on this subject but I believe some of the sexiest woman alive these days are rockers. They are fun, free thinking and know how to play with my Guitar.

I have been a rock music fan since I was really little… after i got over the Shania Twain and Sexy B*witched but now im hooked on the Download Festival beauties and there love for all things rubber, leather, latex and generally rocky sexiness.

However dont just take my opinion why not look for yourself.



-Simone-simone-simons-32492675-1024-768 Sisi-simone-simons-10780085-567-550

BREAKING NEWS : Royal Baby Baby Baby Boy Photos – Royal Baby Pictures (Warning May Contain Bieber)


THUMBS UP for the baby / THUMBS DOWN i dont care!!

Yesterday at 20:32 Kate Middleton (Catherine) and Prince William finally had a baby boy. This cute baby boy will be 3rd in line to the thrown and will be King one day.

We have a view pictures of the royal baby exclusively in the video today. But do you care?

I apologise for the Justin Bieber

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I am “MetalEddy” from Philip Defranco (sxephil) Movie Club 🙂

Royal baby: Kate gives birth to boy #RoyalBaby #BabyBoy

The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy, Kensington Palace has announced.

The baby was delivered at 16:24 BST at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, west London, weighing 8lb 6oz.

The palace said in a statement that the duchess and the baby were “doing well” and would stay in hospital overnight.

The news has been displayed on an ornate easel in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace in line with tradition.

A bulletin – signed by the Queen’s gynaecologist Marcus Setchell, who led the medical team that delivered the baby – was taken by a royal aide from St Mary’s to the palace under police escort.

The press release said the Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth.


“The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news,” it said.

Prime Minister David Cameron said on Twitter: “I’m delighted for the Duke and Duchess now their son has been born. The whole country will celebrate. They’ll make wonderful parents.”

And Labour leader Ed Miliband, also writing on Twitter, said: “Many congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I wish them and their son all happiness and good health.”

David #Cameron bans #porn – Porn corroding childhood claims UK PM #Porn


THUMBS UP for a step too far – THUMBS DOWN for a filter on ALL PORN

David Cameron has announced in a speech today that all porn will become opt in by 2014 and he will be working with 95% of internet service providers (ISPs eg VirginMedia, BT Open World, Sky, EE, O2, TalkTalk etc) to force all NEW and EXISTING customers to OPT IN FOR PORN.

This is in the wake of the child porn revelations of the past few years, BUT will be filtering normal adult content and porn a step to far? Do you want to have to admit your a wanker to get your daily spank fest? Is this the nanny state in action or common sense? Is this the return of SOPA via the “back door”? (pun semi intended)

Initially rape and child abuse will be blocked (i agree with this) but all adult content could be OPT IN by 2014/15. ISP will be action all 9millionn users whether they wish to add this filter. ALL NEW customers from 2014 will be automatically filtered and you will need to OPT IN to rub one OUT.

Full BBC News story here –

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Duchess gives birth to baby boy!! Do you care?? #RoyalBaby #PrinceWilliam #KateMiddleton

### 20:32 Duchess gives birth to baby boy – “The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth.”

Today is the day that many a royalist has dreamed about. Today marks the (possible) birth of Price William and Kate Middleton’s (Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) royal baby.

The baby will take the thrown after William and Kate no matter the sex of the child. This is new and has been set in law. Previously MALE heirs superseded their FEMALE siblings but due to changes in parliament in future the first born will always become heir assuming they are able to do so upon the death of the monarch…

But the bottom line is…. Do you care? Is the Monarchy an out dated idea or do you think the new Royals (William, Harry, Kate etc) have made it more relevant in the past few years?

What would you want the baby to be called?

The top tipped names are Alexandra (6-4), Victoria (9-1), Charlotte (6-1), Elizabeth (10-1), Grace (25-1), James (6-1) and George (11-2).

Cute Royal Baby #Kittens and #Duckies, England Wins #TheAshes, Chris Froome Wins France #TDF #TDF2013 #RoyalBaby


A huge thank you to all new peeps for 11,500 views! I give you cute duckies, royal kittens, England winning the Ashes and Chris Froome winning France!! Well the Tour De France at least.

Congratulations to Chris Froome who is a member of Team Sky who has been doing amazingly well this year in the Tour De France. Today we will see him win just 1 years after Bradley Wiggins. They finish in Paris this evening

The Ashes is the yearly challenge between England and Australian Cricket Teams for the burnt remains or Ashes from a historical match. So far it looks like England will go 2 – 0 up but in the first test Stuart Broad was accused of cheating after he was visibly out but the umpire didn’t call it and he stayed. So what do you think, should he have walked as a sportsman or stayed?

Next week is a possible royal baby birth so what would you call the royal baby or a royal kitten?

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Mel Smith dies of a heart attack aged 60 #RIP #ComedyLegend

Comic actor and writer Mel Smith has died of a heart attack, aged 60, his agent has confirmed.

The British comedian – known for the sketch shows Alas Smith and Jones and Not The Nine O’clock News – died at his home on Friday, Michael Foster said.

Smith formed a lasting partnership with co-performer Griff Rhys Jones with whom he set up the independent television company, Talkback Productions.

His producer John Lloyd described him as a great actor and wonderful editor.

In a statement on behalf of his wife, Pam, Mr Foster said: “Mel Smith, comedian and writer, died on Friday aged 60, from a heart attack at his home in north west London.”

A London Ambulance spokeswoman said: “We were called just after 09:07 BST on Friday 19 July to an address in NW8 and sent two responders in cars, but sadly the patient was dead at the scene.”

“Start Quote

Life was always exciting around Mel”

Peter Fincham ITV director of television

‘Contribution will never go away’

Meanwhile, friends and colleagues have paid tribute to Smith.

Comedian and broadcaster Stephen Fry wrote on Twitter: “Terrible news about my old friend Mel Smith, dead today from a heart attack. Mel lived a full life, but was kind, funny and wonderful to know.”

Author Kathy Lette said: “RIP Mel Smith. Sorry to bring sad and bad news, but apparently he died from heart attack in his sleep.”

Writer Irvine Welsh tweeted: “Sad to hear about the death of Mel Smith, who gave me loads of laughs.”

Mel Smith and Smith Griff Rhys Jones
Smith formed a lasting partnership with Griff Rhys Jones

Not the Nine O’clock News producer, Mr Lloyd, told the BBC his friend had been ill for some time.

“Mel did an extraordinary thing – he taught us all how to make comedy natural. He was a brilliant theatre director… Not only was he a great actor, he was a wonderful editor.”

The production company founded by Smith and Griff Rhys Jones went on to make a number of iconic comedies, among them Da Ali G Show, I’m Alan Partrdige and Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

“What that did is produce a gigantic raft of new material,” Mr Lloyd said. “That, I think, is a contribution that will never go away.”

The pair sold the company for £62m in 2000.

Their business partner and agent at Talkback, ITV director of television Peter Fincham, said Smith had “extraordinary natural talent”.

“Life was always exciting around Mel,” he said. “Being funny came naturally to him, so much so that he never seemed to give it a second thought. Mel and Griff were one of the great comedy acts and it’s hard to imagine that one of them is no longer with us.”

What are your memories of Mel Smith? Did you meet him or work with him?

Simpsons in Family Guy crossover – #TheSimpsonsGuy

The Simpsons are set to meet the Griffins in a crossover episode of Family Guy next year.

Fox announced the two families would meet in an episode titled The Simpsons Guy, where the Griffins take a road trip and end up in Springfield.

Simpsons voice actors Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith and Hank Azaria will all guest-star in the installment.

The show is scheduled to be broadcast in the US next autumn.

Fox said the episode will see the Griffins “greeted by a friendly stranger named Homer Simpson who welcomes his new ‘albino’ friends with open arms”.

The families become fast friends with Stewie becoming obsessed with Bart and his pranks, while Lisa takes Meg under her wing, determined to find something at which she excels.

Meanwhile Marge and Lois ditch housework for a bonding session and Peter and Homer fight over whose town has the better beer: Quahog’s Pawtucket or Springfield’s Duff.

Friendly rivalry

In its announcement, Fox offered reaction from the animated patriarchs.

“Fox hasn’t spent this much money since they took Simon Cowell tight T-shirt shopping,” Peter Griffin said.

Homer Simpson added: “Finally I can get my hands on this guy!”

The shows have poked fun at each other over the years – one episode of the Simpsons features Italian police looking through a book of criminals, in which Peter Griffin’s picture appears.

Another episode of Family Guy features a dozen Simpson characters sitting on the jury where Peter is standing trial for drug possession.

However the rivalry has grown more friendly recently, with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane voicing a prominent character in the The Simpson’s 24th series finale.