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WWE Diva Hall Of Famer Sunny aka Tammy Sytch in Vivid Sex Tape Deal

WWE Diva Sunny Signs Sex Tape Porn Deal | Sunny Side Up: In Through The Backdoor is the Sex Tape Vivid porn deal for WWE female star Tammy Sytch aka WWF Sunny sex tape has been in the works for a while. WWE Diva porn, WWE sunny porn, WWE Ses Tape, WWE Sunny Sex Tape.

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WWE wrestling diva Sunny signs to do PORN with Kim Kardashian sex tape company 

Tammy Sytch who was a WWE valet named Sunny has signed to do porn with Vivid Entertainment who host Kim’s famous sex tape 

WWE Hall of Famer Sunny has launched a new career as a porn star.

Sunny, real name Tamara Sytch admits she is taking hardcore grappling to unchartered territories.

She has signed with Steve Hirsch’s Vivid Entertainment, which famously hosts the Kim Kardashian sex tape she made with Ray J.

We couldn’t speculate on the plot of her upcoming movie but the title: “Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor” suggests it may be low on romantic dialogue.

Vivid’s website is already showing an explicit clip of the film on its website and shows the wrestling legend taking part in a range of no holds barred activities with a hunky co star.

The former wrestling manager was originally unsure of whether to commit to the film – not because of moral reasons but because the asking price wasn’t high enough.

She told TMZ: “It’s the biggest porn company in the world and it’s a very tempting offer.”

However she said Hirsch’s original offer of $100,000 dollars wasn’t enough for her to shed her wrestling tights.

When asked whether it was just the money preventing her from signing she said: “Everything in life is negotiable.”

She added: “I’ve been in the wrestling business 26 years it’s time to move onto something else.

“Many girls have done movies for Vivid Entertainment and it’s never hurt anyone else’s career.

“It’s definitely something to consider but $100,000 just isn’t enough. I’m a business woman.”

Now, she has reportedly agreed to a deal that was a “much, much higher offer” and will be shooting new footage for her film.

Tammy, 43, became a wrestling manager in the early 1990s as valet of her boyfriend Chris Candido.

The pair came to World Wrestling Entertainment in 1994 as Skip and Sunny, a pair of health fanatics.

 She stormed out of the WWE in 1997 after promoters famously double-crossed her friend Bret Hart to take the belt away from him.

In 1997 she was offered a Playboy shoot but declined before posing naked on adult website Wrestling Vixxxens with fellow grappling valet Missy Hyatt.

She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011.

She was recently planning to sell her Hall of Fame ring, the same kind worn by legends like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair.

Tammy said if she did the porno she would “have to take the ring off of eBay.”

In an interview in 2012 she admitted to having been romantically involved with wrestlers Shawn Michaels and Davey Boy Smith.

In 2012 she was arrested six times for disorderly conduct, burglary and violating a protective order. She served 114 days in jail and subsequently fought cervical cancer.

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90s Porn Vs Internet Porn | Hentai Disney Bondage

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90s Porn Vs Internet Porn | Hentai Disney Bondage

As a grow older I start to wonder and think about the world my nephew is growing up in. As he grows older he will learn to walk, learn to talk, makes friends, join social networks, eventually look for and no doubt find porn. It is likely to be from places like PornHub, YouPorn or maybe even that fabled Blue Waffle.

Now this is were I wonder that maybe internet, youtube porn, free porn, iphone porn that is freely available maybe so hardcore that we wont recognise it and maybe even scare us as adults… worse than OAP porn or granny cross dressing porn….

So in this video I share my thoughts with you.


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