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MPs GET PAY RISE | MPs’ Pay: Watchdog To Give £7600 Pay Rise & LUXURY SEX HOLIDAYS

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MPs GET PAY RISE | MPs’ Pay: Watchdog To Give £7600 Pay Rise & LUXURY SEX HOLIDAYS

Ok so it looks like the mp payrise issue has popped its head up again. The MP Payrise was first noted 2-3 months ago but now we are debating the MPs Payrise again.

MPs GET PAY RISE & LUXURY SEX HOLIDAYS| MPs’ Pay: Watchdog To Give £7600 Pay Rise – An extra video this week discussing MPs getting a pay rise of 9.3% to £74,000 in 2015. Do you think MPs are paid too much eg Lembit Öpik and his Cheeky Girls?

On This Morning they are discussing middle aged sex tourism and package sex holidays. Would you go on a package holiday? Would you go “all inclusive” 😉

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