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Horny Couple Caught Having Sex In Phone Booth

Couple caught having sex in a phone box on their way to buy fish

This randy couple were caught having sex in a phone box on their way to buy fish. Naturally.

The lovers came forward to discuss their bizarre phone box bonking session.

Lovebirds Gavin Wain, 30, and 41-year-old Lisa Kerley – and they were on their way to buy fish from a garden centre when the horn got the better of them.

A passerby who witnessed the encounter said: ‘You expect this kind of behaviour from dogs but not people. There are loads of old people living near that phone box and use it to call friends and family.’

They continued: ‘Who on earth will want to use it now? My main concern now is the phone box becoming some kind of magnet for other couples wanting to do the same.

Adding: ‘If I had my way the phone box would be bulldozed and replaced with one which can only accommodate one person.’

Images show the mum-of-four with her leggings round her ankles with half-naked Wain behind her. And far from being shy about it, they’ve actually spoken about their antics in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Gavin said: ‘We both have fish tanks with me keeping piranhas and Lisa a couple of turtles and we were on our way to look at the fish section.

‘We called at a supermarket and bought a few bottles. It was a hot day and the booze must have got the better of us. We were passing the phone box and laughing and joking and I said to Lisa “Fancy a quickie?” and obviously she did.’


Unsurprisingly, the phone box bonking session was spotted. Onlookers in Wilnecote, Staffordshire, were gobsmacked at the sight and drove back to record the couple.

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