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Nibiru Planet X End Of The World for November 19th 2017 – Niburu Conspiracy Theory

Planet X Nibiru apocalypse is upon us! The Niburu conspiracy theory is real and coming for the end of the world on November 19th 2017 – my birthday! Nasa denied the Ninth Planet theory was real but now the planet will smash into earth soon!! Or not…

Here’s what’s going to happen when earthquake apocalypse hits Earth on November 19

In case you haven’t been following this year’s important news, a mysterious death planet is heading towards Earth – and destined to wreak havoc.

But even the most dedicated conspiracy theorist must admit there’s been a couple of false starts – with ‘the end’ predicted to come on September 19, and then October 23.

Both those predictions came from Christian conspiracy theorist David Meade – but now a new internet wibbler has predicted chaos will erupt on November 19.

Terral Croft is – like Meade – obsessed with the (fictional) death planet Nibiru, and predicts on Planet X News that the so-called ‘Black Star’ will cause worldwide earthquakes on November 19.

Croft writes, in a blog post peppered with pseudoscientific gibberish, ‘The predicted backside-alignment quake event is scheduled for November 19, 2017, when Earth passes behind the Sun relative to the Black Star in the Libra Constellation.’

‘The forecast is to see fluctuating up-down weekly seismic-event values, until global seismic activity reaches a peak in the second two weeks of November moving into December 2017.
‘The historical data points to the chances of seeing one or more 7-magnitude earthquake events coming for Weeks 39-41.’

Croft has even produced a really scary diagram to make it all seem that bit more legitimate.

Sounds scary right? But what’s really going to happen is… nothing at all.

Nibiru does not exist, and Croft’s supposed scientific analysis of earthquakes is gibberish – he claims earthquakes are increasing, whereas there’s actually fewer than average, according to the Washington Post.

Nibiru itself is a tired, tired old conspiracy theory, which has been predicted to end the world dozens of times, and never ever does.

Nibiru does not exist – and if you’re in any doubt on this fact, read the box below about where the idea of the ‘death planet’ actually comes from.

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Zombie Perfume | The Walking Dead Solution | Eu De Death

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Uh… There’s a New Fragrance That Smells Like Dead People, and Aims to Protect You From Becoming Zombie Lunch

Finding the right fragrance coupled with dressing well and being freshly groomed are important not just for personal hygiene, but also to attract the fairer sex. Eu de Death, however, does quite the opposite. Scientist Raychelle Burks has concocted a scent so putrid its main purpose is to ward off zombies, you now, just in case the Zombie Apocalypse becomes reality. Yes, this really does exist.

From watching TV and movies, we all know that smelling like a walking corpse will prevent you from being attacked by zombies. Burks’ new scent contains a mix of “putrescine and cadaverine” chemical compounds to mimic the smell of death. Just apply a spritz, and zombies will no longer find you appetizing. Is this scientifically proven to actually work? We’re not sure since human knowledge of zombie behavior involves Walking Dead marathons.


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Ragnarök – Viking calendar predicts the world will end Saturday

The ragnar will be röking on Saturday when, according to some, the Viking calendar predicts the end of the world.

Nordic folklore has it that after three freezing winters, when there have been no summers in between, the world will come to an end.

The past two summers have been cold and wet, so declaring that Ragnarök (otherwise known as the Twilight of the Gods) is upon us is a subjective call.

But it’s one some folks in York, England, are willing to make. There, the Jorvik Viking Center is holding its annual Viking Festival. And wouldn’t you know it, the world’s going to end the last day of the festival.

There’s even a countdown on its website, so you’ll know how much more time there is to pillage and destroy civilization before we all die.

According to the festival’s director, Danielle Daglan, “this really is an event that should not be underestimated. In the last couple of years, we’ve had predictions of the Mayan apocalypse, which passed without incident, and numerous other dates where the end of the world has been penciled in by seers, fortune tellers and visionaries.”

However, Daglan was certain that the god Heimdallr blew the Gjallerhorn (a mystical horn that predicts the coming of the end of the world) last year.

Heimdallr is the guardian of the Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that connects the world of the gods and the world of men.

“The sound of the horn is possibly the best indicator yet that the Viking version of the end of the world really will happen on 22 February,” Daglan said.

The world ends with a bang, not a whimper, in Norse mythology. There will be an epic battle between the gods, in this case Odin, the Allfather of the gods, along with other major gods including Thor, the god of thunder, Freja, the goddess of love, and Loki, the trickster god.

At the end of the battle, the entire world will sink beneath the waves and all humans will die — except for two, according to folklore.

Those, Liv and Livtrasir, (Life and Lust) will come up from the underworld to repopulate the world.

News that the world was ending Saturday had not gotten to Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s largest newspaper. Reached at his desk in Stockholm on Thursday, editor Mats Larsson said he hadn’t heard anything about it.

“I’ll have to change my vacation plans, because I was going skiing on Saturday,” he said.

The newspaper has been busy covering the Olympics, “so perhaps we missed it,” Larsson said.

Survival Guide : How to Survive A Nuclear Blast

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How to Survive A Nuclear Fallout | Survival Guide Nuclear Blast

As long as nuclear weapons exist, there is always the danger they will be used. Is nuclear war survivable? Only predictions exist, as some say yes, others say no. What should you do? Where should you take shelter?

1 – How to Survive A Nuclear Fallout | Survival Guide Nuclear Blast – Make a plan. If a nuclear attack does happen, it won’t be safe to venture outside for food — you should stay sheltered for at least 48 hours, preferably longer.

2 – How to Survive A Nuclear Fallout | Survival Guide Nuclear Blast – Stock up on non-perishable food. Non-perishables can last several years, whether it’s in storage or in sustaining you after an attack. Choose items that contain a lot of carbohydrates, so you get more caloric bang for your buck, and store them in a cool, dry place:

White rice, Wheat, Beans, Sugar, Honey, Oats, Pasta, Powdered milk, Dried fruits and vegetables

Make sure you have a can opener for canned items.

3 – How to Survive A Nuclear Fallout | Survival Guide Nuclear Blast – Store water. Consider keeping a water supply in food-grade plastic containers. Clean the containers with a bleach solution, then fill them with filtered and distilled water.

– Aim to have one gallon per person per day.
– For purifying water in the event of an attack, keep basic household bleach and potassium iodide (Lugol’s solution) on-hand.

4 – How to Survive A Nuclear Fallout | Survival Guide Nuclear Blast – Get communication supplies. Being able to stay informed, as well as alerting others to your position, can be vitally valuable. Here’s what you might need:

– A radio: Try to find one that’s crank- or solar-powered.
– A whistle: You can use this to signal for help.
– Your cell phone: Cell service may or may not be maintained, but you’ll want to be ready if it is. If you can, find a solar charger for your model.

5 – How to Survive A Nuclear Fallout | Survival Guide Nuclear Blast – Stock up on medical supplies. Having a few medical items available could be the difference between life and death if you’re injured in the attack. You’ll need:

– A basic first aid kit: You can purchase these pre-packaged.
– A first aid instruction booklet: Purchase one from an organization like the Red Cross, or assemble your own with materials you print off from the internet.
– Prescription medications or supplies: If you take a specific medication every day, try to make sure you have a small emergency supply built-up.

6 – How to Survive A Nuclear Fallout | Survival Guide Nuclear Blast – Get other miscellaneous items. Round out your emergency preparedness kit with the following.

A flashlight and batteries, Dust masks, Plastic sheeting and duct tape, Garbage bags, plastic ties and wet wipes for personal sanitation, A wrench and pliers, to shut off utilities such as gas and water.

7 – How to Survive A Nuclear Fallout | Survival Guide Nuclear Blast – Keep an eye on the news. A nuclear attack will unlikely come out of the blue from an enemy nation.
Many countries have a rating system to denote the imminence of attack. In the USA and Canada, for example, it may be useful to know the DEFCON (DEFense CONdition) level.

8 – How to Survive A Nuclear Fallout | Survival Guide Nuclear Blast – Learn about the different types of nuclear weapons.:

Fission (A-Bombs) are the most basic nuclear weapon and are incorporated into the other weapon classes. This bomb’s power comes from splitting heavy nuclei (plutonium and uranium) with neutrons; as the uranium or plutonium split each atom releases great amounts of energy – and more neutrons. This is the most likely type of bomb to be used by terrorists.

Fusion (H-Bombs), using the incredible heat of a fission bomb ‘spark plug’, compress and heat deuterium and tritium (isotopes of hydrogen) which fuse, releasing immense amounts of energy. Fusion weapons are also known as thermonuclear weapons since high temperatures are required to fuse deuterium and tritium. The bulk of the US and Russian strategic arsenal are these types of bombs.


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Zombie Christmas | Ladbrokes offers 2,000/1 odds for zombie apocalypse on Christmas Day

While many will be expecting a few presents, some turkey and all the other trimmings that come with Christmas Day, it seems like the nation should also be ready for a zombie apocalypse.

Ladbrokes has announced surprising odds of 2,000/1 for a zombie apocalypse to happen on December 25 this year.

A rise of the undead is more likely than Crystal Palace winning the Barclays Premier League this season, which has odds of 5,000/1.

Prince Harry marrying Miley Cyrus however is slightly more foreseeable with odds of 500/1 and a white Christmas in London with 5/1.

Despite this, zombie expert and author of the Haynes Zombie Survival Manual Sean Page is urging people to prepare for the worst.

‘The public are always interested in the odds of a white Christmas, but they should be more concerned by the increasing likelihood of a zombie apocalypse,’ he said.

‘The most likely time for an outbreak is during the busy festive season as people spend more time in large groups, making it easier for the zombie virus to spread, triggering the apocalypse.’

While Ladbrokes has forecast the odds of a zombie apocalypse, the bookmaker say the public should not be concerned.

Ladbrokes spokesman Alex Donohue said: ‘We are confident that the odds of a zombie apocalypse at 2,000/1 are correct, and although the public should exert caution over the Christmas period, they should not be unduly concerned about the chances of the undead rising up to attack and eat the living.’


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1D is infecting the youth of the world with their mindless, poppy, hynotic drivel.

They are becoming a very viralent STD of screaming histerier zombies.

Which got me thinking, maybe this is the start of the Zombie Apocolypse

1 – Get to know your Zombie
3 types
– Controled by master
– Slow flesh eating
– Fast runny jumpy?

2 – Pick your weapon
– Gun? Bullets?
– axe/knife etc close combatA
– Crossbow vs mass over run?


4 – Supplies, find a way to feed yourself – Start hoarding canned food and bottled water — You need to eat and drink afterall, while you’re still human.

5 – Defend a position
6 – Team up – There is strength in numbers, and you might need to use some of them as bait later.

7 – Never allow bitten people to stay alive
9 – Avoid urban area eg cities and towns
10 – If you have to travel try to use somehing that doent need gas … horse or peddle bike
11 – Try and stay in shape, you never know when you might have to RUN BITCH RUN!!!
12 – Dont get cocky! Always play it safe, one bite ad you’re done

If all else fails go out of the world the same way you came in, kicking, screming, covered in your own blood and shit!

It’s the end of the world (and you know it)

First, you get that creepy-crawly feeling running down your spine. Crouched low in the shadows, you shift your ax from one hand to the other. You think you’re alone, but your instincts are telling you otherwise. Then it happens — screaming out from darkness comes the biggest, baddest, ugliest walking dead you’ve ever seen. Should you attack? Should you run? Or should you call in reinforcements? These are good questions to ask when dealing with a zombie outbreak. And we have a list of tips that will keep you on your toes — and alive — during a zombie outbreak.


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Film #Parody Overflow!!! #FakeMovies #MinionFuzz #BourneRedundancy

The internet is a wonderous thing full of funny shit and today is no different. How about some filmy humour 🙂

Fake films and movie parodies just for you lucky peeps.

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