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Lesbian Porn Star Epiphany to Reborn Again Christian Mother | Porn Again Christian


Porn Again Christian: Evangelical wife was a lesbian porn star who slept with 100 women – Lesbian Porn Star Epiphany to Reborn Again Christian Mother | Porn Again Christian

Teresa Carey says she turned her back on the X-rated industry after having an religious epiphany while listening to The Beatles

A born-again Christian has revealed how she was once a lesbian porn star who slept with more than 100 women. But just five years ago the evangelical Christian, from Gedling in Nottinghamshire, was making her living in X-rated movies.

Between 1998 and 2009, the 36-year-old slept with more than 100 women on camera and appeared naked in adult magazines including Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler.

Teresa’s entry into the world of glamour modelling began innocently enough with a few head shots for local photographers. But it wasn’t long before offers of work started rolling in and she was signed by a top London agency.

She said: “It started really just taking your top off. That was really nerve-racking at first, but obviously it progressed until that was normal, then it was ‘would you do nude?’

“And going from topless to nude wasn’t such a big step as going from clothed to topless, so it moved from that, to standing next to a girl, to hugging a girl, to kissing a girl, then all of a sudden it’s no longer stills, it’s video.

“I just found myself doing it. It wasn’t something where I thought ‘Oh, I want to be a pornstar’, I don’t think that’s the dream of any little girl.

“At the heart of every woman is a need to be adored, desired, that’s why we like to look pretty, we like to be looked at, we like to be told we’re beautiful.

“That kind of lifestyle, you get that fix, that’s kind of the allure, but while that’s going on, there’s deeper things creeping up on you.”

Her porn work required her to star in explicit girl-on-girl shoots – despite having no sexual feelings for women.

“I wasn’t really attracted to women,” she said. “The whole sexual thing was not on my radar at all, it was just the way I looked worked well for it.”

“I was completely cynical in that way. When you do it everyday, it’s as normal as going into the cupboard and seeing if there’s any crisps available, it’s that normal.

“You’re doing it day in, day out. It’s never real anyway, as much as girls like to pretend it is because it’s good for business. It was all fake.”

Teresa met husband Scott when she was 17 – and the car salesman claims that six days before their meeting, he had a sixth sense that he would meet the woman he would marry that day.

Teresa was actually seeing someone else at the time – but the couple immediately clicked and Scott was happy to settle down.

But Teresa’s life changed forever after her and Scott experienced a religious epiphany – in which they say they came face-to-face with Jesus while listening to The Beatles’ track ‘Across The Universe’.

The couple had been studying everything from Egyptology and UFOs to Buddhism and the Quran in search of life’s big truths.

Teresa said: “We had been reading the Gospel of John, the fourth gospel, and it was a day like any other.

“I’d finished work, he’d finished uploading some of my pictures to the internet, we were chilling out listening to music, and we had an out of body experience together.”

“We came face-to-face with Jesus, and from that moment on our lives have been changed.”

She added: “I didn’t get any sense of condemnation from [Jesus], that all came from myself and from other people.

“I now realise that being a porn star was not what God wanted me to be doing, but he didn’t condemn me for it.

“It’s was more ‘When you’re ready, you can come with me.’

“It was really a testament to my faith that I thought ‘I’m going to have to cut this out and I have faith that God is going to lead me into something better’.”

Teresa now regards porn, homosexuality, and pre-marital sex as “symptoms of the spiritual state the world is in”.

And despite her on-screen success, she says she was always wary of the trappings surrounding the porn industry.

Teresa deleted all her porn industry contacts in 2009 in order to devote herself exclusively to the Lord – including her money-spinning website.

She added: “People say ‘her career was gone, it’s very convenient how she’s had this epiphany’ – but that’s not true.


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