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Adam Blampied FIRED From Cultaholic Ventures – WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

Adam Blampied fired from Cultholic Ventures.

The former WhatCulture YouTube Star Adam Blampied has been fired from his posotion at new YouTube Channel Cultaholic after admitting to a string of alteractions with fans. Adam Blampied had been accused of abusing his fan favourite standing and position of power to obtain pictures from his female fans.

Adam Blampied, Adam Pacitti, Jack The Jobber, King Ross and Sam Driver all left WhatCulture Wrestling 2 months ago to start Cultaholics. Adam Blampied, the founding member of the Cultaholic Ventures YouTube channel took to twitter to apologise for his actions and within 48 hours of the inital news hitting social media and the BBC picking up the news Adam Blampied was fired from his job at Cultaholic Ventures on Twitter.

Adam Blampied Apologises For Manipulating Women Online – Cultaholic and WhatCulture Wrestling

On the eve of the new Cultaholic Ventures launch of the Cultaholic’s YouTube Channel, founding member Adam Blampied has taken to twitter to deliver a press release announcing his wish to take some time away for “personal issues.”

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Adam Blampied former host and established star of YouTube Channel WhatCulture and WhatCulture Wrestling had recently announced that he would be teaming up with fellow What Culture exiles Adam Pacitti, King Ross, Jack The Jobber and Sam Driver in launching a new YouTube Brand called Cultholic. 


The Cultaholic Channel was due to launch November 1st but this evening (25th October) Adam Blampied released the following statement on his Twitter account.

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Statement From Adam Blampied On Twitter – @AdamTheBlampied

This announcement has been met with a mixed reaction from fans. Some offering support for being open and honest about his mistakes, however some have condemned his actions in light of the recent climate of stars taking advantage of their positions of power. Is this purely a damage limitation exercise from the previously very media savvy internet darling and his colleagues at Cultaholics or a serious, open and honest heartfelt apology… only time will tell. How much damage this will cause to the new Cultaholic brand?

The Cultaholic YouTube Channel launch has been postponed for an undisclosed period of time, confirmed by @Cultholic on Twitter.

(Personally as a fan of the former “WhatCulture 5” and Adam Blampied I truly hope that this is the start of a period of deep reflection, atonement and a serious change in lifestyle that in time will help him understand his mistakes and make up for them.)