Woman Arrested for BIRTHDAY DOG SEX

Woman arrested for birthday animal sex aka ‘sex acts with sausage dog on her birthday’. This dog sex birthday dog sex weirdness was filmed and sent to a friend. This dog sex birthday video, aka video of dog sex and sex acts on a dog got her arrested on her Birthday. Hannah Marie Haynes, Animal sex, girl dog sex, birthday dog sex, sex with dog… all phases you dont want to hear. Hannah Marie Haynes dog sex, Hannah Marie Haynes sex acts with a dog?!?!

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You’d think there was some sort of trend for this sort of thing, given that this is the second time in a week that someone has been arrested for engaging in sexual activity with a dog. 

Hannah Marie Haynes arrested, from South Carolina, has been arrested on charges of engaging in sex acts with a Dachshund and then emailing a video to an acquaintance.

An unnamed witness contacted police to say that the 23-year-old was ‘sending them videos of her performing sexual acts with a canine.

An arrest warrant obtained by The Smoking Gun reads: ‘Haynes did carnally copulate against the natural order’ by ‘performing sexual acts with a Dachshund canine.’

The alleged encounter took place on March 9, the date of Haynes’ birthday.

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