Pokemon Go spawns Pokemon Lingerie craze

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Sexy or weird? Will you be buying this new range of Pokemon lingerie?

Gotta wear ’em all!

This is the lingerie range that all Pokemon fans never knew that they wanted – and whether you find them a bit weird or the stuff of bedroom cosplay dreams, you have to admit that website Yummy Mart have been creative in their new Pikachu range of underwear and other accessories.

The online lingerie store has unveiled teaser images of some of the new products that fans of the hit series can get their mits on – from knickers right through to a hooded cape.

Will you be investing?

With this year heralding 20 years of Pokemon, what better time than now to pimp yourself up with some of this gear – and if you happen to be romancing a Poke-geek who would appreciate it, you could make their day.

The range goes on sale on Wednesday 20th April – so you even have some time to save up.

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