Brian Zembic wins a $100,000USD by getting breast implants and keeping them

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Man gets breast implants for £68,000 bet, keeps them for 20 years

You know who’s got balls? Brian Zembic’s got balls. 

And boobs, too, after his friend bet him $100,000 (£68,000) that he wouldn’t get breast implants – something no man should ever bet a self-confessed gambler.

Because whether it’s spending an entire month locked in his friend’s bathroom or a night under a bridge with $10,000 (£7,000) tied to his feet, there’s little Brian won’t do for a bet.

So it won’t come as much of a surprise when we tell you it didn’t take him much convincing to go ahead with the breast implants.

‘About 1997-ish, I was in some restaurant in Europe and I was with two friends and his girlfriend at the time was flaunting her boobs and I said to my friend: ‘If I had boobs like hers I could get just as much attention as she would’, he told E!.

‘Then he came up with $100k and I shook his hand and that was it, it was a bet.’

Apparently, it wasn’t hard to get the surgery in the slightest. Brian knew a plastic surgeon who was also a gambler in New York. He went to his office and simply asked: ‘Can you put boobs in for me?’.

Knowing Brian Zembic all too well, the surgeon was aware it was a bet straight away.

So, how do you think Brian paid for his boob job?

By playing backgammon with the surgeon for an hour, and winning $5,000 (£3,000).

Yeah, he really does know what he’s doing.

All this happened almost 20 years ago – despite the original bet stipulating that Brian had to keep his implants for one year to get the $100,000.

He would receive another $10,000 for every year he kept them in after that.

But no one expected Brian to keep them in for 20 years. Not even Brian.

Though Brian’s friend described the breast implants as ‘the best $100,000 he’s ever lost’, Brian will star on Botched on American channel E! tonight at 9pm, a show that is totally focused around plastic surgery disasters.

What we don’t know, is exactly what Brian Zembic will be saying on the show. Is he finally getting rid of the boobs? Is he going up a size? Is his whole appearance on the show a bet?


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