High School Teacher Suspended for showing students THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2

High School Torture Porn mythical beast The Human Centipede reaction? Human Centipede 2 is a new wave of hardcore extreme horror porn, torture porn films that are evolutions of the Hostel and SAW horror torture genre. However a High School teacher has shown his high school students The Human Centipede 2, torture porn high school students was shocked to see. High school torture porn shock? School kids human centipede 2!

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Teacher suspended for showing high school class Human Centipede 2

And you thought your high school experience sucked: Some unlucky (or maybe lucky, depending on their feelings toward gross-out B-movies) students at a Tennessee school had to watch Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) during class — and parents weren’t happy.

For the uninitiated, The Human Centipede series revolves around a train of humans sewn together in, uh, let’s just say really gross ways. The second film follows a man who watches the first movie and then creates his own centipede. It was so grotesque that the British Board of Film Classification initially refused to give it a classification, therefore preventing it from entering U.K. theaters. (They later gave it an “18” classification after cuts were made.)

Why a teacher decided to show students this film is unclear, though franchise director Tom Six totally supports it: “It should be mandatory to watch THC2 in school classes,” he tweeted in response to the news. “It deals with a character that is bullied and what to do!”

Superintendent Verna Ruffin disagrees. “The matter has been addressed,” she told The Jackson Sun. “It is inappropriate and unacceptable.” A press release from the school obtained by Jackson Sun reporter Katherine Burgess specifies that the district has launched “an internal investigation regarding the alleged viewing of an inappropriate film” and that the teacher “was immediately suspended and remains suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.”

That’s not the greatest news for this torture porn-loving teacher, but there is a silver lining. “This awesome teacher gets a specially signed copy of THC2 from me!” Six tweeted. But what about those poor students, Six? 

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