The Man Who Only Eats Insects, Peter Bickerton

Eating Bugs, Bugs Diet, Insects Diet all lovely ideas for Peter Bickerton aka Bug Boy eating challenge to fight heart disease. With his very only insect diet recipes, locust burgers, wax worms tacos, crickets. Insect pizza anyone? Personal bushtucker trial in a insect eating diet. How to, Weird food recipes.

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Peter Bickerton has eaten 10,000 crickets, 5,000 locusts, 1,000 waxworms. He started eating insects after discovering a strong family history of heart disease and carrying out research which suggested insects cut cholesterol. He eats locust oatmeal for breakfast, a cricket sandwich for lunch and waxworm tacos for dinner and he says he has never felt better

He said: ‘It all started when my uncle died of a heart attack at the young age of 45. Then a few months later, another one of my uncles suffered a heart attack, needing triple bypass surgery.

‘When my aunt suffered a stroke not long after, my family realised that this was no coincidence and that something much worse was going on.

‘We all had our cholesterol levels tested and my mum and each of her seven siblings were diagnosed with dangerously high levels of cholesterol.

‘Their diagnosis really jolted me. I was still young and I knew that I had to act now to avoid suffering the same fate as the rest of my family.

‘Everything I’ve read points to the fact that eating bugs is the surest way of avoiding heart disease. It is the healthiest lifestyle out there.’

Mr Bickerton – who is completing his doctoral research in Plant Sciences at the University of Manchester – first ate insects on a field trip to Ecuador in 2009.

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