Naked Man Runs Into Kentucky Walmart, Claims To Be On Fire, Dumps Milk On Head

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Naked Man Runs Into Kentucky Walmart, Claims To Be On Fire, Dumps Milk On Head

Strange things have been known to happen in Walmart stores, but the incident that took place in a store in Kentucky may have beaten them all. A naked man ran into a Walmart in Pike County, Kentucky, claimed to be on fire, and then proceeded to dump milk over his head.

According to WKYT, the people at a South Williamson Walmart got some strange sights while grocery shopping earlier this week. Two men are facing charges after a video appeared on YouTube that showed a man running into Walmart wearing nothing more than shoes and a Halloween mask.

After running into Walmart, the man screamed out that he was on fire. He then went over to the freezer section, grabbed a couple gallons of milk, and went about dumping the milk over his head in the aisle.

The video was quickly removed from YouTube due to the fact that it showed nudity, but WKYT got a copy of it, censored it, and posted it for all to see.

Arrest warrants have since been issued for David Daniels of Belfry, Kentucky, and Timothy Smith of Phelps, Kentucky. The video that was posted of their time in Walmart has them facing charges.

Pike County Sheriff Rodney Scott was rather stunned by the whole thing and honestly didn’t really know what to say about it.

“Well the first question I would have is why? Why would anyone want to do that? They can go to jail and they will go to jail.”

It appears as if the video was made and then posted to YouTube in hopes of making people laugh and possibly going viral. The nudity, though, made certain that it would be taken down by the website almost immediately.

Sheriff Scott said that those in the video committed a serious crime and they need to be charged for the indecent exposure shown at the Kentucky Walmart.

“If we don’t then it could be happening all the time. So that’s why it’s important to go ahead and make the arrests.”

At the end of the video, the Halloween-masked streaker heads outside of Walmart and gets into a car. They speed away from the scene, and the video ends. For now, there have been no arrests made, but police have learned the names of the streaker and videographer and are actively searching for them.

For those that shop at Kentucky Walmart stores, the police hope that there won’t be any other naked men running in, claiming to be on fire, and pouring milk over their heads. They honestly hope no streakers go into any stores at all and do anything.

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