Magic Bra Only Opens For True Love | True Love Bra Tester

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If you thought technology couldn’t get any more bizarre, hold your horses. There’s a bra out there that will get open ‘only if you are in true love.’ Japanese Lingerie Company Ravijour has introduced a high-tech lingerie that comes undone only when you reach a true lover’s state. Billed as ‘True Love Tester’ bra, this has sensors embedded inside which are connected to a smartphone app via Bluetooth that detect a particular heart rate.

“It would only open when in-built sensors sense the user’s pulse rate reaching the ‘True Love Rate’,” said a report on ITMedia, a Japanese website. How does it function? The sensors detect a woman’s heart beat increase caused by ‘adrenal medulla’ – part of the adrenal gland. The adrenal medulla secretes catechlomine, which affects the automatic nerve, and apparently increases the heart rate. The sensors then study the heart signal and dispatch it to the app for examination. The app then calculates the ‘True Love Rate’ based on the heart rate changes. When the ‘True Love Rate’ exceeds a certain level, the bra unhooks automatically, the report added. The magic bra would not automatically unhook itself while exercising or walking. The sensors have the ability to differentiate between heart beat rise owing to exercise and being in love, the report added.


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