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Irv Blizter was an American bobsled two time Gold Medalist at the 1968 Winter Olympics who finished first in two events again during the 1972 Winter Olympics but was disqualified from the latter for cheating and retired in disgrace to Jamaica, where he leads an impoverished life as a bookie. Irving is approached by two Jamaican athletes: top 100m runner Derice Bannock, who failed to qualify for the 1988 Summer Olympics when another opponent accidentally tripped him at the trials, and Sanka Coffie, a champion push cart racer. Cool Runnings Full Movie Review

The athletes wish to use Irving’s previous experience as a Coach in order to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics as bobsledders. Irving had been good friends with Derice’s father, Ben, a former sprinter whom Irving had tried to recruit for the bobsled team years ago, who is presumed to be deceased. Yul Brenner, another runner who was tripped at the qualifier, joins the team as does Junior Bevil, the runner who tripped Yul and Derice. Eventually Irving is convinced to coach the team.

The four try to find various ways to earn money to get in the Olympics; singing on the street, arm wrestling, and holding a kissing booth, but all fail. Junior, however, sells his car, which gets the team the money that they need. Later on in a hotel room, Junior reprimands Sanka for hurting Yul’s feelings and tells him about his father’s past and how he became rich with hard work. He encourages Yul not to give up on achieving all of his goals. Cool Runnings Full Movie Review

In Calgary, Irving manages to acquire an old practice sled, as the Jamaicans have never been in an actual bobsled. The Jamaicans are looked down upon by other countries, in particular the East German team whose arrogant leader, Josef, tells them to go home, resulting in a bar fight. The team resolves to view the contest more seriously, continuing to train and improve their technique. They qualify for the finals, but are briefly disqualified. At the primary judge meeting, a frustrated Irving immediately confronts his former coach from the ’72 Olympic Winter Games Kurt Hemphill, now a primary judge of the ’88 Olympic Winter Games, for disqualifying the Jamaicans for his mistake. He confesses that he made the biggest mistake in his life and resorted to cheating by hiding weights underneath the sled to make it run faster. Irving’s 1972 Gold Medals were revoked and he embarrassed his country with the scandal. He says that if Hemphill wants revenge, just punish him and not his team. He begs Hemphill to let the Jamaicans qualify and represent their country in the Olympics. Later, the judges overturn their decision and the Jamaicans are back in.

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  1. January 8, 2014 at 21:00

    Oh my gosh, I had forgotten about this movie! I thought this was a great Disney film, too. I just might watch it with my kids this weekend. Thanks for the review 🙂

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