1 comment for “Russell Brand May Have Started a Revolution Last Night

  1. Your Ol Mate Chiv
    November 2, 2013 at 19:48

    On The Revolution of Russel Brand:

    Yeah Russel Brand has slowly started to become more high profile in these kind of arenas over the past few months. Only a few weeks ago I watched him on Question time debating with Boris Johnson, so I guess this is the direction he is going with his career.
    I am glad he has chosen to use his status and his voice to draw attention to this particular raft of issues but, ultimately, I’m not optimistic that his proposed revolution will actually come off.
    The problem being that, while many of his arguments do strike a chord with “the man on the street” (many of which are echoed from the late great George Carlin), the solutions and strategies for what any of us are to do about these things remains undefined and unclear.
    “Not voting” doesn’t satisfy as a solution as it only serves to ensure that the elite, the privileged and the invested (all of whom will still vote) will continue to craft society to their own advantage.
    Even if voting abstinence does send some kind of apathetic message to the government, it only really makes its mark once in every five years. For a revolution to truly take effect something more immediate and sustained than that is required.
    Again, I am glad Brand has chosen to bring these concerns from the more voiceless corners of society to the public forum. But I’m sure all this talk of revolution will soon roll over.

    Just my opinion – Chiv

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