Memories from beyond the grave: Headstones equipped to relive favourite songs and videos

A Kent-based entrepreneur has thought up an ingenious way to give loved ones digital memories and tributes of you beyond the grave – by putting them on the grave.

Wendy Nash, from Tonbridge, has launched a new service which equips gravestones with QR (quick response) codes so that mourners can reminisce over videos, photos, music or even a family tree.

QR codes are unique black and white grids which can be scanned by most smartphone devices.

They are often used by businesses to give more details about a product, competition or their company but this time, however, will be used by the relatives who’ll scan the square and then be directed to a website which shows the precious memories.

‘The idea struck me because I have always had a fascination with headstones and eventually I thought to myself ‘is that it? Am I just going to be a name on granite?’ said Nash, who is launching the service through her memorial firm, Hyphenalia.

‘Most of the time that’s all we get, along with a message that doesn’t tell people much about us at all. It’s such a shame and a wasted opportunity.

‘Imagine if someone in your ancestry had achieved something great, but you know nothing about it. It’s something I would want to know and be very proud of.

‘I think it’s quite an original idea and if someone needs help creating a memorial, I can help them.’

The QR codes for gravestones are weatherproof and can be created not just for the newly deceased but for those who passed decades or centuries ago.

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