Food Glorious Food – What Are Your Favourite Foods? #FoodPorn

Food Glorious Food. We all love food. America is the fattest country in the world and Scotland and the UK aren’t too far away from that record either.

I Love my food. I have finally learnt to cook and instead of the deep fried or microwaved days of the past where I would audition for Epic Meal Times before they even existed. I can now cook proper food with proper portions.

I love working my way through recipes for sexy foods. Rib Recipies, Steak Recipies, How To Make Your Own Pizza Recipies, How To Make Your Own KFC Recipes etc etc, Even tips on “How To Make The Perfect Steak” –

But today I share with you my love for Steaks, Roast Dinners, Pizza’s, Ribs and Homemade KFC 🙂

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