#Sexploited by Channel 4 – Reality TV One Step Too Far?

— What Happens In Kavos accused of targeting bonking Brit women
— Producers offered prize to staff to find girls using morning after pill
— Told to head back to apartments at end of night to film any romps

Brits enjoy night out in Kavos

Party time … Brits – not part of Channel 4 show – on a night out in Kavos

Producers offered a prize to staff who find drunken women using the morning after pill.

A 20-strong team of filmmakers are also scouring the Corfu resort for cheating couples, gay men who can “convert” straight guys and people having one night stands.

And they’ve been told to head back to apartments at the end of wild nights to film any romps for the second series of documentary What Happens In Kavos.

In documents seen by The Sun, crews get a description of who should be filmed.

It reads: “Key stories to look out for are: Couple on holiday — jealous of the sexual attention their partner attracts, or completely like a fish out of water!

“Groups who are successful with pulling and who have sex. The end of the night at the apts (apartments).

Teens drink in Kavos

Drunken antics … but reps say producers lap it up

“Girls who take the morning after pill as a form of contraception (there’s a special prize for this story!)”

But the crews have disgusted reps on the Greek island. A Kavos worker said: “They are taking advantage of young women and the crews are hated on the island. They are now banned from 90 per cent of the bars.

“They’re watching as young people make terrible decisions — then lap it up under the guise of a documentary.”

The memo tells crews to only go in bars “welcoming and protecting us”. And it tells staff, who are there for a month, to make sure those being filmed sign an “informed and sober” consent form. But the rep, who asked not to be named, added: “It never happens. I have seen them push pens into people’s hands who are literally being sick through drink. How is that sober consent?”

Girls eat fast food in Kavos

Targets … Channel 4 have been accused of taking advantage of girls on wild hols

Channel 4 commissioned Dragonfly productions to make the three-programme series, which first hit British screens in January. Last night a Channel 4 spokeswoman said: “We strongly refute any allegation that storylines are constructed or that any contributors are exploited.

“As is made clear in the document the crew seek full and appropriate permissions from venues and contributors when filming.

“Channel 4 does not condone the deeply inappropriate references to casting in the ‘What Happens in Kavos’ production notes.

“We have recalled the team to remind them of the standards of behaviour we expect from suppliers to Channel 4.”

Read more: www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/tv/5034267/channel-4-exploits-kavos-girls.html#ixzz2a9RooGrb

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