Duchess gives birth to baby boy!! Do you care?? #RoyalBaby #PrinceWilliam #KateMiddleton

### 20:32 Duchess gives birth to baby boy – “The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth.”

Today is the day that many a royalist has dreamed about. Today marks the (possible) birth of Price William and Kate Middleton’s (Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) royal baby.

The baby will take the thrown after William and Kate no matter the sex of the child. This is new and has been set in law. Previously MALE heirs superseded their FEMALE siblings but due to changes in parliament in future the first born will always become heir assuming they are able to do so upon the death of the monarch…

But the bottom line is…. Do you care? Is the Monarchy an out dated idea or do you think the new Royals (William, Harry, Kate etc) have made it more relevant in the past few years?

What would you want the baby to be called?

The top tipped names are Alexandra (6-4), Victoria (9-1), Charlotte (6-1), Elizabeth (10-1), Grace (25-1), James (6-1) and George (11-2).

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