Cute Royal Baby #Kittens and #Duckies, England Wins #TheAshes, Chris Froome Wins France #TDF #TDF2013 #RoyalBaby


A huge thank you to all new peeps for 11,500 views! I give you cute duckies, royal kittens, England winning the Ashes and Chris Froome winning France!! Well the Tour De France at least.

Congratulations to Chris Froome who is a member of Team Sky who has been doing amazingly well this year in the Tour De France. Today we will see him win just 1 years after Bradley Wiggins. They finish in Paris this evening

The Ashes is the yearly challenge between England and Australian Cricket Teams for the burnt remains or Ashes from a historical match. So far it looks like England will go 2 – 0 up but in the first test Stuart Broad was accused of cheating after he was visibly out but the umpire didn’t call it and he stayed. So what do you think, should he have walked as a sportsman or stayed?

Next week is a possible royal baby birth so what would you call the royal baby or a royal kitten?

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